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ThijsMedia has been built with a lot passion, it started with one account named “CSGOSeries” but expended pretty quickly to a whole network. ThijsMedia came out of the ground, due to the rapid follower growth of the network

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Thijs Dekker
Founder & CEO of ThijsMedia



I am Thijs, Founder & CEO of ThijsMedia. I started ThijsMedia at the end of 2017 because there were a lot of other Social Media Agencies focussing on all Social Medias, but not on Instagram. As Instagram is the #1 Social Media for people under the 35, it’s really important for businesses to grow on this platform aswell.

Due to years of experience can I consult local companies to companies with thousands of orders every single day. I can do this through promoting your brand on my own big network, or by promoting your own Instagram Account due to engaging with people that are interested in your niche. This will lead to massive growth in sales in the end.